Wednesday, 21 May 2014

It was incredible!

Well, I got to skype home today, so I don't have very much to write about, but here are the notes that I took during Sacrament Meeting yesterday. It was incredible!
-"Motherhood" does not mean maternity. Every woman plays an important role in nurturing and raising children around her.
-Satan attacks mothers by making them feel inadequate. He knows that the hands that rock the cradle can rock his reign here on Earth.
-Mothers are the Lord's secret weapon
-Righteous women were endowed pre-mortally to be mothers
-Being a mother is a big responsibility, that is why we are foreordained 
I am so grateful for my incredible mother and all the life skills she has taught me. She is such an example and an inspiration to me! I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

It was so wonderful to see my family! I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's plan and the knowledge that I can be with my family forever. What a blessing!

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