Tuesday, 26 November 2013


It's so amazing!! And everyone is so kind and happy and just really nice. The food is not as bad as I was told it would be, but I still feel really ill every night before I go to bed...so yeah. I had to get a blessing (so ashamed) from some really sweet Elders, because I was sitting on the bathroom floor hugging the toilet and just waiting to be sick. So bad. The Elders really helped me though and they were soooo nervous! It was the first Priesthood blessing that they have ever given, and they did a great job!

We had a fireside yesterday, and it was amazing. At the end over two thousand missionaries (so all of us) stood up and sang "Come Thou Fount" and everyone around me had tears in their eyes. It really is special when Elders and Sisters sing together...so incredibly powerful! My companion and I were speechless afterwards. Speaking of my companion...SHE IS AMAZING! I love her so much. She is so funny and wonderfully sarcastic. We were teaching our investigator yesterday and I was showing him a picture of Jesus Christ holding a lamb and I asked him what he saw. So he says "I can see Jesus holding a baby sheep" and she just lost it. She tried to cover up her laughter by saying "I love this picture so much!" but he didn't really believe her. So funny! We were crying tears after the lesson when we spoke about it :D

My teachers are the best. I have learned so much these past couple of days and I am so grateful to be a missionary!!! Aaaaand...I forgot to take a big laundry bag with me...which kinda sucks, but I managed to buy one in the MTC store. 

Everyone here calls me Sister D because nobody can pronounce my name...but I'm cool with that! There's this one Elder in my district, his name is Elder West, and we quote Nacho Libre together ALL the time, which is just the beeest! I love my district so much.

Dude, thank you so much for sending my package! And could you do me a massive favour and send me Dear Elder letters?? Because that would be wonderful. Everyone gets letters and then the District Leader is like "and none for Sister D, bye!" Nah, he doesn't really do that, but it's still so sad... :D

I have made so many wonderful friends here and I will miss them sooo much!

So, the sentence of the week: Sister A-Korn (my comp): If I could, I would totally move to Cali and be a beach-bum. And while eating breakfast, she turned to a random group of missionaries and asked them with a completely straight face "so, do you believe in Big-Foot?" The Sisters were not amused...the Elders laughed sooo hard :D

Okay, you have a fantastic week and stay fresh!!

Beeg kees, leetle kees, beeg hug!

Sister D

Oh, and our Branch President said that we have the potential to change Canada...but no pressure, right? I am so honoured and grateful to be in a district with such amazing Sisters!

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