Wednesday, 11 December 2013

We Cried

This last week was incredible. Especially the last three days. We had to say goodbye to our dear sweet Elders (they're going to Chicago) and that was rough. We cried. I really am going to miss the MTC, even though the food makes you sick and the schedule makes you crazy.

I got to go to the Salt Lake Temple last Friday and do a live session. Soooooooooooo amazing! It's definitely different to go through the Temple as a missionary. I received such clear personal revelation it was kinda scary. But now I know what kind of missionary I need to be. 
I have realised just how amazing and important prayer really is. Brother S. had us pray for fifteen minutes and at first I thought "that's soooooo long!" but then when he told us to finish up I couldn't believe how quickly the time had flown by.

Relief Society this Sunday was really cool. The second counselor in the YW general presidency was there and she spoke to us. I never thought that I would actually enjoy Relief Society, but here at the MTC it's amazing!
I am going to miss my teachers so much! We found out that we weren't even supposed to have that many teachers. We had Brother B, Sister K, Brother L and Brother S. I don't really know any of the other teachers, but they definitely have to be the best. I have learned so much from them in these three short weeks, it's unbelievable. They all said that we are ready for the field...I'm not quite sure if I believe that. But I am definitely ready to leave the MTC. 

We taught our investigator (who is actually Brother B) the law of Chastity and when I asked him "so Michael, do you know what the law of Chastity is?" he said "yeah, that's when you give money to the poor!" I almost lost it. Almost. We explained to him that that's charity and then told him what chastity is. So funny. Also, he came to church again! And he brought his entire family with him. So incredibly cool. Yesterday we taught him for the last time, which was really sad, but I managed not to cry. Our teacher (Brother B) said that Sister Ashton-Korn and I have taught Michael better than any other missionaries so far. And we follow up better than anyone else as well. Woohooo! Success! But seriously though, we really worked hard. Brother Burdette told us that after our very first lesson we taught him as Michael he wrote down that we were already ready for the field. That really boosted my confidence in my teaching abilities. Sometimes I just feel so inadequate when I see how other Sisters teach, and then I have to remind myself that I'm not like them. I'm me, and I teach differently. 

I am really excited to meet my Mission President and his wife tomorrow and to finally eat normal food! I think I've gained weight...either that or my skirts are getting smaller. And when I'm in the field I'll be able to exercise every there is no time! I've had to get up at five in the morning on numerous occasions just so that I could study the scriptures. No time for that either! But at least I have learned how to be a relatively good teacher and I hope that I never forget the skills I have acquired here.

My district sang in sacrament this Sunday. We sang "Joseph Smith's first prayer" to the tune of "Come thou Fount". It was incredible. I saw quite a few people crying, including one Elder. Afterwards the wives of the Branch Presidency told us that they were so touched by the spirit. They all had tears in their eyes. They are the sweetest.
Sister Ashton-Korn's mom sent me some of the softest socks I have ever felt in my life and some cards to help me memorise "The Living Christ". And Sister Day's mom sent me the cutest little Christmas baggie with some nail polish, a nail file, some lipgloss, some christmassy smelling face wipes, a little notebook, some chocolate and a Canada pen. sooooo nice and kind.

I really hope that you pick up when I call you, otherwise all the time on my card will be gone and I won't be able to call you pick up!

This last week it has been absolutely freezing. It got to -14 degrees and I almost died...but that's because I refuse to wear my coat so that I can get used to the cold. And so far it's working! I don't even get cold anymore when I go outside! And I haven't been sick in ages. By ages I mean for two and a half weeks...So we'll see how quickly I adjust to the temperature in Canada. Please please please pray that I will get along well with my trainer. I would like to start off in the field with a trainer that I like...and if it doesn't work out, then maybe it's because the Lord wants me to be more patient. But still...please pray.

How was church yesterday? And more importantly, what does it feel like to be a Heilpraktiker and to not have to worry about exams anymore??? I am so incredibly happy for you! That is amazing! How are the dogs? I really miss you guys, but only when I write you...there is no time to think about home! The Lord really is hastening the work, and that means that we also have to walk, think and work faster than before. But I love it! I am so happy to be a missionary and I am so grateful that Papa has made all this possible. My teachers told me that ever since I told them about him they pray for him every day. I hope that everything goes well for him and that Heavenly Father is blessing him! He deserves everything that is good in this world!
Alrighty, I'll send you some more pictures...I love you and I like you!

 Our amazing District before the Elders left


The Power District with two of our teaches

Sister Ashton-Korn, Brother B, Brother S and meeeeeee

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