Tuesday, 18 February 2014



This week was really great, even though it started off with Sister McPhee and I still being sick. Anyhow, we dropped her off at a member's home and Sister Day and I went out to teach a lesson and we asked the entire family to pray about being baptised, and they said yes! It was such a great experience. I love that family! The Lord truly does prepare people for us...we just need to find them!

We received a referral to contact a man named Reverend G. He is a blind pastor and he is seriously the most uplifting and incredible man I have ever met. We talked to him for over two hours and it was great! We asked him if he had heard about the Book of Mormon and he goes "Oh yes, I have read it! I particularly like the book of Alma and the book of Moroni." We walked out of there feeling fantastic, and we have another appointment with him on Friday. I am so excited for that!

This week the Zone Leaders were able to make it to District Meeting again. Elder A pulled out this really old Bible and handed it to me. Then he said "I remembered that you love really old books, so when I saw this, I bought it! It's for you." He gave me the Bible! I was sooooo happy and excited about that! I seriously love my district!

We taught a lesson to a Less-Active lady who just got a husky puppy. Tony is the cutest, but he nibbled on my hand and my feet and my bag the entire time we were there. It was rather distracting. Apparently he is teething, so he just chews on everything and I guess I must have been particularly tasty.

We got up early one morning to go running and it was great! I wore those skiing leggings under my sweatpants and put on about three layers, plus my beanie with my hoodie over it and my gloves and I wasn't even cold. My eyes were watering the entire time and my tears froze! That felt rather strange, but it was worth the experience!

This week is going to be warm, today it is a toasty -10 degrees and it is glorious!

We went to the Soup Kitchen again on Friday and we got to meet new people! There was this elderly couple from England and they were just great! He was a chemistry professor and had spent quite some time living in Scotland, and she has the voice of an angel. I loved talking to them. That was also Valentine's Day, and everyone seemed to be happy! It was the best.

On Saturday we were able to drive to Souris to visit a member out there. Souris is the tiniest town I have ever seen, but I loved it! And it was great to visit with the member there.

Saturday we also went curling. It was soooo fun! I might just develop a love for Winter Sports out here! In the beginning I fell more than I curled, but as soon as I got a gripping-thingy on my foot I was fine. It was so fun! We won the first round and then tied the second. When I get home I will go ice-skating with Thor, because I fell so much that I'm not scared of the ice anymore! My knees look atrocious, but it was worth it.

This week really was one of the best out here, and I absolutely loved it! I have really been focusing on listening to our investigators, and that makes it easier for me to understand them and to figure out how best to help them. I love being a missionary and I love being in Brandon!

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