Monday, 3 February 2014

I Will Give Room No More For the Enemy of My Soul

This week was rather slow, but we still managed to teach a few lessons. We went to get Sister Day a Priesthood blessing and it was incredible. She was blessed that she would be just fine and the spirit was so strong that I had a few droplets of tears in my eyes. In the evening we went to get her blood pressure checked and it had sunken drastically. So amazing! That same member of the ward then proceeded to talk to us about the second coming...kinda scary. He really wants to be here and be twinkled...anyhow, I couldn't sleep that night because my brain was going crazy and wouldn't let me calm down and I spent a large portion of the night getting frustrated and crying. Silly me. The next morning I just prayed really hard and I felt much better. Also, that night I decided to drink that sleepy-time tea and it knocked me out! Only problem was that it was hard for me to wake up the next morning!

We went to an old-age home to sing for the mother of this guy we met at the soup kitchen. It was so sad because she kept saying "I can't take it anymore". This was before we started singing to her, so I don't think she meant our singing! Anyhow, Sister Day and I both bawled when we sang 'I am a Child of God'. It was rough. Anyhow, she had that really nice picture of the Savior (the one that Thor has in his room) hanging on her wall. I could definitely feel the love that He has for her.

For the Young Women's activity this week we went to shovel snow in the neighbourhood. It was sooooooooooo cold! My poor hands are going to be so damaged when I get back home. It's worth it though! I don't need all ten fingers and ten toes!

Anyhow, the Zone Leaders managed to make it to our District Meeting this week and it was so good! We practiced talking to as many people as possible and it was really fun. I practiced with Elder Schmidt, and we laughed a bit too much. Didn't learn very much during that practise, but Elder Schmidt did manage to invite me to church, give me a Gaelic Book of Mormon and ask me if I wanted to be baptised. And all in only two minutes. It was pretty hilarious.

We went to the soup kitchen again and this guy walked passed us and said "Wow, must be the church of the Mormons!" And you know what my genius reply to that was? "Yep, we're everywhere!" So stupid. Anyhow, the soup kitchen was great. Every week I am so grateful for everything that I have.
This week I ate some chocolate and while it was still in my mouth I bent over to put my hair up so that I could study and I got chocolate in my nose. So painful. I hope that you are proud of me, har har.
I went on a split with M P and it was sooooooo fun!!!! We went to see some of the less-active YSA and I learned so much from her! She is amazing. She really helped me to focus on what is important and gave me great advice. She helped me get really excited and motivated and it was just fantastic. I am so grateful for her.

We went to the German pavilion of the Winter Festival here in Brandon and it was so great! We went to go contacting and we managed to talk to quite a few people. Whenever I told them that I was from Germany they got all excited. It was so fun. People were walking around in Lederhosen and they were selling Marzipan and German cake and all that. They projected these slideshows of pictures of different German cities on the walls and when they showed Duesseldorf Sister Day goes "HEY! That's close to where you live!" It was so nice, but I do not want to do that again because it made me a tad bit home-sick.

My motto for the upcoming week is going to be "I will give room no more for the enemy of my soul" (Elder Holland). I have noticed that I always get so worked up and then my brain just goes crazy and I never take the time to just calm down. This week I learned that Heavenly Father knows what He is doing and that I can't possibly control everything. I need to trust Him more. I know that I will be happier and more successful if I trust Him more and accept that things work out the way He has planned for them to work out. 

I am truly grateful for my experiences out here and for the many things that I have learned. I love being a missionary!

We made cupcakes for someone's birthday

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