Monday, 27 January 2014

I Love Being a Missionary!

The weather here is absolutely strange. One day it's warm (only minus 12) and then the next day it's freezing (as in minus 35). Today it is a toasty -44. I forgot my mittens somewhere, so now I need to buy new ones. My hands froze today and I may or may not have frostbite on one of my fingers. We'll see how that goes. 

This week I really missed Loki and Otto. Luckily almost everyone we go see has at least one dog, so I get lots of love from them! I am always covered in hair, but that doesn't matter.
We had our first apartment-check last Monday, so we made sure that the apartment was super clean. It looked so nice, and we got 100 percent!

Brandon is starting to get pretty treacherous...the snow here doesn't melt, so people create these massive snow mountains when they shovel their walkways. These mountains are perfect for climbing on. So fun! They are also perfect for ripping skirts on...not so fun. Poor Sister Day ripped one of her skirts while trying to climb over one to get to a member's home. Luckily she has an incredible mom who can fix all sorts of rips and tears.

We went to a basketball tournament on Tuesday. C was playing his first basketball game and his mom wasn't able to make it, so we went to cheer him on. He is so cute! 

Wednesday was our last district meeting ! It was rather sad, because Elder M and Elder Me got transferred out, but at the same time it was really good! I learned so much and we had a testimony meeting at the end. Plus, Elder S brought us hot chocolate, so it was nice and cozy. Elder M said that "when we see people that are in danger, we instinctively try to save them. It is the same with sharing the gospel." I really liked that.

At district meeting I nicked the transfer sheet from Elder A (our Zone Leader) and saw that Sister Ashton-Korn is now serving with Sister D and her trainer. So my MTC companion is serving with Sister Day's MTC companion and we are both in trios. I miss my drooling Ginger! If I could serve with her again...phew, we would be SO incredible!

Thursday we went to the soup kitchen as usual and I got to talk to quite a few people. M P was also there and we chatted for quite some time. I got to know her a little bit and she is incredible! I am so excited to go on a split with her this Friday. Thursday was also the we got to meet one of our new Elders. His name is Elder B and he is from Mexico, but he lives in Calgary. He had traveled all the way from Flin Flon down to Brandon and hadn't slept in 30 hours. Our other new Elder is Elder R. Both of them are really nice and I am positive that this transfer is going to be incredible.

On Friday we had weekly planning. Usually weekly planning is so stressful because it takes FOREVER, but this week we managed to make it fun. I have decided to make D&C 123:17 my motto for this transfer. I read it every day because I decorated my planner with it. I have decided not to let anyone or anything get me down. So far it's working!

It snowed so much last week! It was fine though, because the snow here is really pretty. Perfect snow flakes that glitter in the light. It was like walking through glitter!

Yesterday we taught C the Restoration and then had him teach it to us. He was so good! Then we knelt down with him and he prayed and asked Heavenly Father if the church is true. The spirit was so strong and he received a very speedy confirmation. Such an incredible experience! I almost cried.

I truly am here because of the people. I have the best mission president in the world. His wife is the most incredible person ever. I have met so many people and every single one of them has helped me in one way or another. This mission is perfect for me. It is cold, it is hard, but it is the best! 
I love being a missionary!

This is what we do at District Meeting. Just kidding.

Brandon District Represent!

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