Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ukrainian Christmas

This week was great! After I wrote to you we went shopping and cleaned our apartment, which was great. After buying groceries we went to get petrol, and it was my turn to hold the pump, and the silly little metal latch wouldn't click up because it was frozen...so very silly me decided to take off my mitten (-51 degrees Celsius) and try push it up with my finger. Yeah, my finger froze to the metal pump. It was very painful, but I guess that's what you get for being stupid.
We went to a member couple's home for Ukrainian Christmas, which was very interesting, and the food was really good! I love that family!  So supportive of the missionaries. Brother Z always says that if we ever need food, we just need to show up an they'll feed us. And Sister Z said the same about hugs. I love those two. Brother Z is also the guy that made me try the pickled herring...he's a funny man!

On Tuesday we went out to contact some former investigators and it was so cold that my face turned blue...I didn't really feel cold, but Sister D and Sister M said that my face looked bad, so we got back in the car and warmed up a bit. At least now I have something funny to tell to others!

We had dinner at this Spanish family's home, and I love that they call me "Hermana" because I try to speak Spanish with them. The Spanish member's in our ward are fantastic, I love them! They are all soooo solid and have such strong testimonies!

On Thursday we had Zone Training Meeting and it was great! I love the missionaries in our zone, they are incredible! Our Zone leaders are seriously the best. They invest so much time and effort into making sure that we're all doing okay and that we have everything we need. President Thomas is like that as well. He spends every single Pday sitting at his computer replying to every single one of our weekly letters to him. We have 150 missionaries in our mission...it must take him forever. I love him and Sister Thomas. We really do have the best Mission President and Mission Wife in the entire world. 

The Youth in Manitoba are so elect. We found this 11-year-old boy who has already almost read the entire Book of Mormon and wants to learn more. And two of our other investigators are 11 and 12. They ask the best questions and are soooo incredible! We heard this talk by a 14-year-old in Winnipeg, and it was so good! She talked about the Atonement and repentance for about 25 minutes and I learned so much form her! It seems like Manitoba is the place to be!
We washed Sheila (our car) this week and she was so nice and shiny and clean...and then yesterday the Elders decided to spray muddy snow on her, and now she is filthy again. I was a teensie bit upset, but now we get to wash her again, and I get to use the water-shooter...so fun!

We spend a lot of time with the Young Women here, and one of them told me that she wants me to move to Brandon after my mission. So cute!

Okay, enough about Brandon, how are things over there.. The question mark button will not work, so I apologise for that!
The work here is rather slow, but I love it! I love being in Brandon and I love being a missionary! It seriously is the best thing in the world.
Have a great week!


I guess my name is really hard to spell...

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